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Handheld Programmer and Data Collector for EasyLog USB range

  • Collects and stores data from at least 500 data loggers
  • Full or quick set-up of compatible EasyLog USB data
  • Touch screen interface for navigation of menus
  • Stored data can be transferred to a PC/Mac via micro USB cable
  • Integral rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 8 hours use




Temperature Data Logger with LCD

  • -35 to +80°C (-31 to +176°F) measurement range
  • USB interface for set-up and data download
  • User-programmable alarm thresholds
  • High contrast LCD, with two and a half digit temperature display function
  • Immediate, delayed and push-to-start logging
  • Calibration certificate available



FlashLink® Mini PDF Data Logger Model 30070-74

His practical temperature recorder single use is compact with its integrated USB connector and software. It is ideal for export shipments and very convenient for recipients around the world as they download quickly and easily recorded history travel without special reading devices or installing software. PDF reports are created automatically when the recorder is connected to the USB port of a PC, and files can be printed or shared via email


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Delta trak

FlashLink® USB PDF Reusable Data Logger, Model 40510

This reusable logger monitors ambient temperature in facilities, transport vehicles, storage and processing areas. It provides reports that are used for various applications, such as process or equipment verification and validation, thermal mapping, and regulatory compliance. Data is analyzed to identify trends and patterns, then used to improve management practices in areas such as processing and cold chain logistics. The PDF reports can be archived for record keeping, audits, and to comply with HACCP, FSMA and other regulatory requirements.

  • Single channel, internal sensor
  • Automatically generates PDF report and CSV file
  • Ideal for monitoring ambient temperature
  • User programmable: manual or auto start, logging intervals, high/low alarms
  • Large easy-to-read LCD
  • Multi-language FlashPDF Program Manager software
  • Summary analysis of data, with alarm information
  • Degree Minutes and MKT calculations

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Low Cost USB Temperature Data Logger EL-USB-LITE

Low Cost USB Temperature Data Logger

  • -10 to +50°C (+14 to +122°F) Measurement Range
  • 1 Month Battery Life
  • 2 Settable Alarm Thresholds
  • Red/Green Alarm Status Indication via Button
  • Calibration certificate available



Report Logger – RL200

Small and wonderful.

Introducing the new Dickson Report Logger.

We decided to make the best Compact Logger on the market. With a new outer case, user selectable logging times, and redesigned PC interface, it’s exactly what you need.


  • IP63 Case – you’re now protected from dust and jets of water.
  • User Selectable Logging Times.
  • Large Temperature Range (-30 to 176F).
  • Longer battery life.
  • No software required. We mean it.
  • Trip Calculator: you’ll never have to guess about battery life again.
  • Simple, succinct graph
  • PDF,JPEG, or raw (.txt ) report formats. Save your data how you want.
  • Delayed Start.

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AED 95.00AED 140.00

tempmate.®-S1 V2 Single-Use temperature logger


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Transit Data Logger

The FlashLink PDF In-Transit Data Logger has on-board software that automatically downloads trip information as soon as the unit is plugged into a PC. Since it has a built-in USB connector, no cradles, reading devices or adapters are needed. A secure, encrypted PDF report is automatically saved on the local hard drive, making it convenient to email and archive reports for quality assurance, traceability, and GDP. Service is available to configure customized logging parameters, such as sample intervals and high/low alarm settings.

  • Single-use temperature logger
  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • No software required to download data
  • Built-in USB connector, no special reading devices needed
  • Automatically created secure PDF report and CSV file
  • Patented Shadow Log™ feature guarantees data even if the shipper fails to start the logger
  • Trip history statistics available on LCD
  • High/low alarm indicators
  • Service available to custom configure logging parameters

Approved by SFDA (saudi food drug administrative )and vaccine.


USB Data Logger with Glycol bottle

The FlashLink Certified Vaccine Data Logger with Glycol Bottle is designed for monitoring temperature conditions inside storage units where vaccines and other temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals are kept. This reusable logger features a large, easy-to-read LCD and an external probe sealed in a 5mL glycol bottle. The glycol prevents false alarms by buffering the probe against sudden and expected temperature fluctuations during normal use, such as frequent door openings and cycling of the refrigerator or freezer. The glycol also emulates temperature changes experienced by most common fluids in storage, to give more accurate readings. The logger attaches to the outside of the storage door, while the sensor bottle is placed inside, allowing users to read current and minimum/maximum temperatures without opening the unit. A red LED alarm and low battery indicator are also visible on the display. This logger is prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an E006 Temperature Monitoring Device, under their Performance Quality Safety code PQS E006/026, and is compatible with FDA, CDC and WHO guidelines. Model 20938 includes a 2 year ISO 17025 calibration certificate.

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