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FlashLink® USB PDF Reusable Data Logger, Model 40510


This reusable logger monitors ambient temperature in facilities, transport vehicles, storage and processing areas. It provides reports that are used for various applications, such as process or equipment verification and validation, thermal mapping, and regulatory compliance. Data is analyzed to identify trends and patterns, then used to improve management practices in areas such as processing and cold chain logistics. The PDF reports can be archived for record keeping, audits, and to comply with HACCP, FSMA and other regulatory requirements.

  • Single channel, internal sensor
  • Automatically generates PDF report and CSV file
  • Ideal for monitoring ambient temperature
  • User programmable: manual or auto start, logging intervals, high/low alarms
  • Large easy-to-read LCD
  • Multi-language FlashPDF Program Manager software
  • Summary analysis of data, with alarm information
  • Degree Minutes and MKT calculations

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